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Vertical Profile Projectors (Model M400 / M500 / M600 V-111)

Large projection screen with convenient digital display / data processor. Most accurate projection system for high performence measurements. Having three turret system for easy and safe use of lenses. These models are suitable for comparative inspections. Wide range of micro stages and optional accessories. Screen diameter available from 400mm to 600mm.
Vertical Profile Projectors (Model M400 / M500 / M600 V-111)
Specifications Model Model Model
M400V VN-111 M500 V-111 M600 V-111
Screen Diameter 400mm 500mm 600mm
Work Stage 350 X 200mm  350 X 200mm 350 X 200mm
Stage Travel x-y axis 150 X 100mm 150 X 100mm 200 X 100mm
Focussing Range 100mm 125mm 125mm
Protactor Screen 360° Rotation with 2 minutes vernier resolution
Magnification-standard 10x
-optional 20x ,25x, 50x, 100x
Magnification Accuracy ±0.05% on contour and ±0.1% on surface
Lens Mounting 3 turret type for safety safety and easy use
Resolution 0.01 / 0.005 / 0.001mm (selectable)
Measuring System . With mech. micrometer 0-25mm / D.R.O / Data processor (selectable), (optional PC based software)
Illumination 24V,150W Halogen, Forced Air cooled, light intensity controller for variable backgrounds.
Filter Colour Green
Power supply AC Single phaze 230V, 50Hz
Standard Accessory 2 nos. Projection Lamps, operating manual, Calibration Certificate Traceable to NPL