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Tool Makers Microscope (TMM 555)

An outstanding products for precise measurements of small or intricate parts such as small gauges, watch parts, screws, thread piches, Electronic parts & small precision tool room jobs, Dies, Fixtures, Thread rolling dies, Gear Hobes & milling cutters etc. with convenient measurements on digital display & data processor.
Tool maker’s microscope
Magnification 30 x (Standard) (Diascopic & Episcopic)
Eye Piece Protactor Graduation 1° rotation 360° with adjustable vernier of 2 minutes.
Observation Tube Monocular inclined at 45° with reticle of cross line.
Micro Work Stage Highly accurate linear cross rollers guided micro work stage Size 350 x 200 mm with least count 0.001 mm.
Travel of Stage 150 x 100 mm on X and Y Axis by D.R.O.L.C. 0.005 mm(0.001 optional )
Image Errect.
Illumination 6 V – 20 W halogen light with highly precise condensing System built in Green Filter.
Working Distance 67 mm.
Maximum Work Height 110 mm.
Maximum Weight Capicity 35 Kg.
Field of View 6.5 mm.
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Ply Wood Box, Projection Lamp 2 Nos., Calibration Certificate, Operating Manual.
Optional Accessory V-Block/ Center Holding device/ Digital Read out with different options / Rotary Table / Projection Lamps